On the announcement of the city's key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine construction units n

Issuing time:2019-05-11 15:32

Each department:

Key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine according to the implementation of weihai city construction activities notice requirements, municipal bureau of health experts in our declaration of key specialty department has carried on the on-the-spot investigation and comprehensive review and final decision from liver disease, acupuncture, a heart attack for key specialty construction unit of weihai city Chinese medicine specialist (the city a total of 7).

The construction of key specialties is an effective way to establish hospital brand, enhance competitive strength and promote rapid development of hospitals.It is required that all clinical departments should attach importance to the standardized construction and sustainable development of the departments and make contributions to the stable development of the hospital.

For the above three specialized construction units, the following requirements and matters needing attention are put forward, and the section director is requested to do the corresponding work:

1. The construction period of the specialty is 5 years.At the end of November every year, I will report the department's work summary and next year's work plan to the hospital in writing;

2. The departments shall be established in a planned way in accordance with the construction standards and scoring rules for key specialties of the city (see the attachment);

3. Cooperate with the hospital to receive the supervision, inspection and assessment of the municipal office of traditional Chinese medicine;

4. Construction units that fail to pass the target assessment for two consecutive years will be disqualified from the construction units and their bonus and subsidy funds will be recovered (RMB 200,000 yuan per year).

5. Apply for review and acceptance in advance if the establishment of the department is successful;After acceptance, continue to award fill one year, priority is recommended when applying unit of construction of key specialized subject of province traditional Chinese medicine.

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