Plant gum soft capsule breakthrough - east shenju with long march tianmin to achieve high - speed an

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:47

Soft capsule with plant gum raw materials, production process, pelleting equipment and mold, has been the focus of the industry, April 2019 by a foreign customer commissioned: "in the conventional 250 machine starch plant gum capsules to achieve a stable production of PRM 4.0 above.Soft capsule service platform team USES Beijing dongfang shenju plant gum patented multi-step mold, China aerospace Beijing long march tianmin conventional configuration of 250 models to achieve the starch plant gum health products 5.0PRM and cosmetics 4.0PRM high-speed, stable production.After years of precipitation technology, production equipment of enterprise at present, the research and development team to starch plant glue and glue process, pelleting equipment modification, pelleting mould for targeted research and analysis, at a lower cost, easier way to realize the animal glue and starch plant rubber production equipment and general, small changes, the operation is simple, really consider for manufacturing enterprise, to enhance the efficiency of production enterprises, reduce the cost.

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