We will carry out free clinics to serve the health of the people

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:52

To carry out the party's mass line education practice, actively respond to "serve the people health action" spirit of the national large-scale yizhen cycle, on the morning of September 14, in tangerang district health and family planning bureau, under the organization of our hospital in the city square by establishing information desk, form such as distributing leaflets to carry out activities, to provide quality and convenient medical service for the populace.

With the aging of the population, young and middle-aged people using computers for a long time and poor living and eating habits, the incidence of various orthopaedic diseases has increased significantly, which has seriously affected the quality of life of people.Our hospital participated in the free clinical activities, for the majority of bone disease patients to alleviate the "difficult to see a doctor" problem.The medical staff participating in the free clinic included senior experts from the emergency department, internal medicine and other departments.Through on-site explanation, health knowledge brochures and other forms, to explain common orthopedics disease prevention measures and health knowledge to the masses.Experts made a preliminary diagnosis of various patients with bone injury and bone disease at the free clinic site, and answered the consultation about bone injury and bone disease in detail.

Our hospital has long adhered to the concept of serving the grassroots, serving the masses, often to the streets, communities and towns free clinic.Especially since the implementation of the party's mass line education, party cadres in hospitals have taken the lead in providing services at the grassroots level.They took this free clinic as the focus of the party's mass line education and practice activities, carried out conscientiously and carried out in a down-to-earth manner, and won high praise from all walks of life.In the free clinic activities lasting for one week, our hospital will continue to organize experts to carry out centralized free clinic activities and publicize health knowledge in schools and communities through free clinic, tour and other forms.

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