I am proud that I am a supply room nurse

Issuing time:2019-05-11 14:42

Happy time is always not easy to detect, it from our side quietly across, is so silent, blink of an eye, I came to the supply room work has been three years, through the three years of in-depth understanding of the work, as well as in the side of a moving people and things, slowly I like here.Here I found my own position, understand that any position has its irreplaceable.

We supply room is a harmonious, unity, mutual aid, collective upwards, especially to me over the past year have experience greatly, is our hospital and third year last year, the hospital, in a short period of time, has built a new disinfection supply center, and sisters from the supply room moved to the second floor basement, don't have a vacation during this period, also does not have a leave, everybody is working overtime of dry, not a single person to shout tired of.Looking at the spacious and bright environment of the new supply room, reasonable layout, all kinds of advanced equipment, do not mention the heart more excited.In addition, under the leadership of the head nurse, I actively learned the operating procedures, emergency plans, rules and regulations, and job responsibilities of various instruments, so as to get into the work faster and better.During this period, surgical instruments and surgical dressings were also delivered to the supply room for centralized scrubbing, packaging, and autoclavization.New comers are not familiar with the working process, do not understand the characteristics of the equipment, can only follow the class learning, the old comrades gave up the leave, led the new comrades into the new work, after one-to-one teaching, the new comrades after a short period of training is also officially on the post.Work well.Now, after a year's operation, the new supply work has been well organized and the departments have a good tacit understanding to cooperate with each other.But then a new problem came, the serious shortage of personnel, because of the work of a nurse transferred from the supply room, the other two because of illness in hospital, there is a pregnant woman to protect the fetus, and to go out to study comrades.What do we do? We don't have enough people.At this time, the head nurse did not hesitate to top the tired dirty class.Brush the equipment with us every day, one by one so seriously.Looking at her petite figure, standing by the pool for hours, we can't bear to bear.I advised her to have a rest, but she smiled and went on working.With such a head nurse, the sisters felt relieved and more energetic.No one complains because he has many irons in the fire.Instead, he did a better job without four people.So I love this collective, more love each person in this collective, from them I see the shining human nature.

If nurses are ordinary, the nurses in our supply room are ordinary.If nursing is a smokeless war, we are the logistics of the front.Although we do not have direct contact with patients, our work is closely related to the safety of patients and the quality and safety of the whole hospital.I come from clinical nursing work, more can realize the sisters that hard.Especially in busy, less this less that, let a person upset not to say, but also delayed the treatment of patients, so I will be able to ensure the supply within the scope of clinical convenience, urgent clinical urgency.Even if it is a few more runs, climb a few stairs, as long as the sisters heard that thank you, I know we are closer to each other heart.Every time I went to the ward, I would give them out carefully, with a kind attitude and patient explanation. I was not impatient or perfunctory, and I was full of optimism and confidence.Whether familiar or unfamiliar, I will nod and smile, let the sisters feel warm.A sincere smile and concerned eyes, like a warm wind in winter, shorten the distance between people and increase understanding and tolerance.

In fact, no matter what position you are in, as long as you put on the nurse's uniform, you will be a nurse, an angel, and a mission. You will push the cart, deliver the bags, deliver the heavy sterile items and disposable items to each department, and take back the contaminated equipment one by one.Day after day, we are the same.Wash, soak, clean, oil, pack, disinfect, meticulous, let careful spirit play incisively and vividly here.We understand that no matter what goes wrong, the equipment may not meet the requirements for sterility, and may cause irreparable loss to the patient.We are caring for the patient in another way, releasing the patient in another way, and pledging to the leaders and people in another language of action that our work is not wrong and our position is safe.

In this colorful season, let the supply room sisters such as warm wind like smile, with the car, under the car delivered to the hospital every ward, every corner, deep into the hearts of every care sisters, let them busy figure get comfort, let them also enjoy the joy of smiling service.

Today, our bone-setting hospitals are booming and the business is booming. The success of the establishment of the third-level and first-level hospitals is like a cardiac stimulant that inspires everyone's heart.The more modern bone-setting hospital, with its lush greenery, is already on display.As a nurse in bonesetting hospital, I will try my best to do my job well and make greater contribution to the development of the hospital.

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