The TCM featured nursing group promoted the in-depth development of the demonstration project

Issuing time:2019-05-11 15:49

With the development of the demonstration project of high-quality nursing services, the nursing groups began to expand the connotation of services in order to continuously improve patient satisfaction.Since April last year, a variety of traditional Chinese medicine featured nursing techniques such as auricular pressure bean, foot bath and cupping therapy have been applied by nurses in clinical nursing services. By the end of the year, the income was nearly 60,000 yuan.To better promote the work to carry out, make it can really become a brand, to the leadership of the hospital under the care and support, we have introduced the nursing groups each TCM nursing technical operation of certain rules, and on the basis of the department to recommend formed characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine nursing group, as a teacher, for their training system.The operation training was completed in the acupuncture clinic, and the theory training was completed in the upcoming western learning training class.The main task of the team is to carry out regular training activities, so as to carry out the hierarchical training of TCM knowledge and skills of the nursing staff in the hospital, so as to meet the assessment of grade hospitals this year.

Starting on the afternoon of January 4, the group of 12 nursing staff began to divide into three groups for training and learning in the acupuncture clinic.The activity was strongly supported by three directors of the acupuncture department, and three doctors, sun bao, han li and song wei, were specially arranged to teach the activity.The three young people showed their talents by buying books, downloading video and demonstrating by themselves.See they are practicing plantar radiotherapy, acupoint massage, more exciting!Teaching and learning, emotional communication, complement each other.

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